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Micro-Nano bubble Hydrogen Bath Machine is installed

Since 2010, we have been providing sales and application technology for industrial hydrogen generators, and we have been focusing on “hydrogen” which can anticipate its anti-aging effect, and have been developing a “Hydrogen Bath” that can actually feel the effect.

We have proposed the ” Micro-Nano Bubble Hydrogen Bath (hereinafter referred to as the Hydrogen Bath)” to GOKURAKUYU Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), which is No.1 Japanese hot spring water company throughout Japan. As the first store, we have set up a Hydrogen Bath in GOKURAKUYU Chiba Inage store, the second store was in GOKURAKUYU Yokohama Serikagaya store.

【Chiba Inage store Hydrogen bath】
【Yokohama Serikagaya store Hydrogen bath】

The Hydrogen Bath is a brand new system that uses special dissolving equipment and techniques to dissolve 99.995% of the hydrogen produced by the hydrogen generator in hot water. Hot spring water would be softer than usual and can take molecular hydrogen from the body’s natural pores (pores and sweat glands). We are proud to be able to participate in the Hydrogen Bath.

We will continue to use hydrogen technology to make further contributions to society.