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Started renting of high concentration H2 water dispenser

We provide “products” and “technologies” related to hydrogen to our customers, and we have been providing products of “High Concentration H2 Water Server Kit 4.1ppm (hereinafter referred to as H2 Water Server Kit)” to TOELL CO., Ltd. (head office: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) in 2014.

H2 Water Server Kit is connected to a commercial water dispenser and take some pure water from the water dispenser to generate H2 gas(99.99%)by using Polymer membrane(PEM) . Only H2 gas is used for making hydrogen water. It is dissolved in pure water gradually, and then H2 concentration will be in 4.1ppm (maximum dissolved H2 concentration) by using methylene blue.

Since TOELL announced the new product “H2 Water Server Kit” on May 30, 2014 (Friday), more than 20,000 products are used by many customers. Thank you very much for selling the H2 Water Server Kit with TOELL and distributors.

The patented technology “special gas dissolution method” is used to the H2 Water Server Kit. The limits of hydrogen concentration in the Earth’s 1.6ppm(1600ppb) is under atmospheric pressure, but our technology can make a maximum of 4.1ppm(4100ppb) far exceeding its theoretical value. Furthermore, hydrogen gas is dissolved in invisible bubbles (nanobubbles), so high concentrations can be maintained for a long period of time.