Professional for Hydrogen
WORK HOUR:10:00~18:00

Efforts for SDGs

Hikari Mirai’s mission and goals to achieve SDGs

We are dedicated to design and contribute Hikari Mirai original hydrogen related “products” and “technology” to “people” and “environment” to improve their “Health” and their “Beauty”. In order to realize that mission, we have endeavored to consider the social environment from the procurement of raw materials and parts to the production and manufacturing. Now that the world is facing various social issues, HIKARI MIRAI has selected new issues to be tackled through corporate growth in line with the international goals SDGs for realizing a sustainable world, and prioritized them as eight priority issues. I will work on it.


Solving social issues through business

  • Employee health management
  • Promotion of immune enhancement to repel COVID-19
  • Immune enhancement material development
  • Employee education
  • User education (product usage training)
  • Promotion of women’s advancement
  • Fair human evaluation
  • Harassment prevention (work rules)
  • Health-friendly working environment
  • Power saving measures (Switch to LED, turn off the light diligently)
  • Supporting activities to reduce energy (improving fuel efficiency)
  • Appropriate employment conditions (work rules, various insurances)
  • Harassment prevention
  • Promotion of senior success
  • Diversity of each employee
  • Creating a work environment where you can work with peace of mind without discriminating against race
  • Development of environmentally friendly products
  • Waste reduction
  • Providing products and services with reduced environmental impact
  • Strengthen necessary actions and methods for sustainable development
  • Enrich partnerships with everyone in the world