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Hydrogen Bath Additive

“Marine Hydro Mineral®(MHM)” blended in this product instantly removes residual chlorine in the bath.
Prevents oxidation of your skin with the reduction power of hydrogen and moisturizes skin with natural sugar cane!
A bathing agent with the same redox potential minus 200 as that of the mother’s placenta, which gives you the peace you felt when you were.

Product Features

Point 1 instantaneously remove the residual chlorine

MHM is a “hydrogen compound” in which hydrogen is stored in minerals contained in natural salt such as rock salt and sea salt by heat and pressure. This is a material for antioxidants that has been transformed into a stable shape. By putting this product into the bathtub before bathing and the residual chlorine can be removed instantly.

Point 2 Contains natural minerals that are gentle on the skin

MHM contains mineral components such as “phosphorus, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, chlorine, copper, zinc, manganese, silicon, fluorine, sulfur”.
Is it safe to touch the skin when you hear “iron” or “fluorine”? As you might think, minerals are “inorganic” and do not change scientifically when applied to the skin, so this product using only natural ingredients has less skin stress.

Point 3 Reacts to skin oxide and reduces skin stress

he atomic hydrogen stored in MHM reacts with the oxides of the skin immediately and is adsorbed and reduced.
It can reduce the cause of freckle and skin spot caused by skin stress such as ultraviolet rays and oxidation.
Furthermore, bathing is said to promote collagen synthesis. As an effective bathing method, bathing in hot water at about 40°C for 15 – 20 minutes will promote the synthesis of collagen in the skin, Leading to wrinkle improvement.

Point 4 Creates a bathtub with the same environment as the mother’s placenta.

The redox potential of tap water is about +600mV, and it is oxidizing. When you put this product in the bathtub, the redox potential will drop to -200mV, and it will be anti-oxidant bathing. When the redox potential is -200 mV, it is the same value as that of the mother’s placenta, and you can feel relaxed while bathing, just as you can relax.

Point 5 Sugarcane is effective for moisturizing the skin

Sugar cane has high penetration and can absorb moisture and keep it moisturized in your skin.
In addition, since it is a sugarcane made from natural plant ingredients, it contains vitamins and minerals, and can be expected to have a beautiful skin effect.

Highly recommended for…

 Want to get tired

Please put out a lot of waste materials that can be released only from sweat due to the heat retention effect of this product and sweat from the sweat effect.

 Want to get smooth skin

The effect of natural ingredients contained in this product will make your skin smooth. By moisturizing your skin after bathing, you can double the effect.

 Like hot springs
The sulfur component contained in this product provides the effect of entering a hot spring. It is fatigue recovery and skin beautifying effect.

 Natural-minded people
It uses 100% natural ingredients that do not contain any colorant, aroma chemical or preservatives.

 Want to boost immune system

It is said that when bathing at 40°C for 15 minutes, the average body temperature will increase by 1°C and immune immunity will increase 5 times.

 Want to suppress the aging

This product turns the bathtub into an antioxidant bath. Antioxidant action suppresses skin oxidation.

 Care about residual chlorine

Immediately remove the residual chlorine that lowers the barrier function of the skin in the bath.