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Development Product Introduction


New anti-aging skincare system as a new concept that incorporates internal and external beauty care.



Competitor’s products had the decisive disadvantage that “generated hydrogen gas escapes from the water surface.” However, our products have made it possible to “wrap and confine the generated hydrogen gas with bubbles forming“.

By combining a hydrogen generating agent and a bath gel, we developed
a real hydrogen bath in which hydrogen gas gets trapped in the bath, and the hydrogen dissolved concentration determination reagent (H2 Blue) actually disappeared, we have filed a patent for this.

By using the Hydrogen Generating Agent with the specified bath gel, you can easily do full body treatments at home. At the same time, it is possible to inhale 99% purity hydrogen gas.

In order not to let hydrogen gas escape from the water surface, the bubble forming plays a role of enclosing and confining hydrogen gas. At the same time, four kinds of cosmetic ingredients can permeate to the stratum corneum, and you can do a full body treatment.



ナンバー1Hydrogen gas can be absorbed from pores and from breathing

H2 Savon Bath is a new concept bathing method that not only can take in hydrogen gas from pores and sweat glands, but can also absorb generated Hydrogen gas from exhaled breath, making it possible for beauty inside and outside.
Since hydrogen gas is lighter than air, it easily escapes from the surface of the water. However, the water surface is coated with bubble forming made of bath gel to prevent hydrogen gas from escaping.

ナンバー2For good products, use good ingredients

Taking into consideration the gentleness on the skin, our bath gel contains a less irritating surfactant (laureth sulfosuccinate 2Na). It is a surfactant made from higher alcohols, it alleviates eye and skin irritation.

ナンバー3Remove residual chlorine in the bath instantly

In order to remove residual chlorine in the bath instantly (about 15 seconds), which damages the skin cells and reduces the barrier function of the skin, a “Marine Hydro Mineral ® bath” with very high reducing power is blended in the hydrogen generating agent.

ナンバー4Provide a uniform size of hydrogen gas

Another patent for H2 Savon Bath is to provide a uniform size of hydrogen gas, dramatically increasing the dissolved hydrogen efficiency.
The hydrogen generating agent heats when it reacts with water, so we have devised a shape that even infants’ fingers can not enter, and took into consideration the dangers.