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What is CELL VEGE?

It is ALL-IN-ONE phytonutrient that uses 100% of carefully selected natural Ingredients containing minerals, dietary fiber, brewers yeast, amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants (hydrogen) to replenish nutrients that modern people lack.

What is Food Doctors?

In 1997, “Food Doctors” started activities to contribute to people’s health management as a modern dietary physician from the perspective of Oriental and Western medicine researchers. The food doctors who use natural Ingredients and draw out the superiority of each Ingredients by combining them and paying attention to how they are absorbed by the body.

All-IN-ONE phytonutrient

The 3 main types of nutrients (Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats) are essential that can be used as Ingredients for the body and as fuels that generate energy.
These can be taken from the usual meals, but minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber that tend to regulate and help nutrients tend to be lack.
If all 6 nutrients are balanced, they can help each other and exert their habits. CELL VEGE is a nutrient-condensed powder that can take all 6 nutrients.

CELL VEGE is highly absorbent

Rather than extracting the active ingredients, you can obtain the nutritional effects of the original plant by blending the whole natural ingredients as they are.
A well-balanced blend of vegetables and seaweeds makes it easier for the body to absorb gently and smoothly. In addition, by pulverizing the product, the cell walls and cell membranes of vegetables are broken, absorption efficiency in the body is higher.
Raw vegetables are 95% water, so you have to eat a lot of vegetables to get a lot of nutrition from them. However, CELL VEGE is a dried powder, so you can get enough nutritional value with a small amount.

We are What we Eat

Our bodies can only be made from what we have eaten or drink.
The food nutrients provide body health and stability.We have to think more about “meal”.

None of the six-nutrient nutrients “Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Dietary fibers, Minerals, Vitamins” should be deficient.
Also, vitamins cannot be absorbed without minerals support.
Some vitamins can be synthesized in the body, but minerals cannot be made in the body.
In other words, the most important of the six-nutrient nutrients is ”Minerals absorbed from vegetable and seaweeds”.

The first human on Earth was born 2.8 billion years ago from the sea.
It is deeply meaningful for us to say that our first human was found in mineral-rich seas.
So without the right amount and kind of minerals, the body doesn’t works function well.
However, the nutritional balance has become biased due to the disorder of eating habits and the decrease in minerals contained in foodstuffs.

In the past and now, minerals are a special nutrient for humans, but today they are deficient in the diet of all people around the world.

Nutrition Facts & Place of Origin

It is ALL-IN-ONE phytonutrient blended with 23 selected natural ingredients of Earth and Sea.
We select and mix the origins of each plant with high nutrients.

Nutrients contained in Cell Vege

This product is rich in 83 kinds of minerals and vitamins that are necessary for making enzymes in the body.
In the diet we ate, proteins are broken down by gastric juice into amino acids. Using the amino acids, minerals and vitamins as raw materials, the body makes the enzymes necessary for life activities. It is said that there are 3,000 to 5,000 types of enzymes.
In other words, abundant types of minerals and vitamins can enter the human body to increase the types of enzymes.

Product Details

Product Name: All-in-One Plant Nutrient “Green juice CELL VEGE”

Ingredient names: yeast mix (beer yeast, vitamin yeast), seaweed, black sesame, shiitake mushroom, kelp, moroheiya, maltitol, aqua mineral, starch, mulberry leaf Parsley, yamaimo, tomato, spinach, organic zinc, matcha, rock salt, moromi(mash), organic selenium, organic chromium, organic copper, maitake mushroom, garlic, sea salt

Contents : 30 packs per box (3.8 g / pack)

How to take:Take 1 to 2 packs a day with your favorite drink such as water or milk.
You can also mix it with protein and shake it.
If you put the powder in your mouth as it is, you may get sick, so please put the drink in your mouth first before drinking.

Nutrition facts (per 2 packs): Energy 27kcal, protein 1.6g, fat 0.5g, carbohydrates 3.9g, salt equivalent 0.2g