Professional for Hydrogen
WORK HOUR:10:00~18:00

Adviser Introduction

大西 信彦 Nobuhiko Onishi

Born in 1942

Dr. Onishi discovered the necessity and role of Mineral Based Nutrients through research on methods to activate immunity centered on macrophages. He discovered that a new immune function is that macrophages are activated by lymphocytes in collaboration with natural killer (NK) cells and killer cells to exert a strong immune function.
He specializes in the analysis of the pathogenesis of various pathogens based on intestinal bacteria, such as Salmonella, dysentery, cholera, and Staphylococcus aureus. Elucidation of infection defense mechanism using typhoid infection experiments.
Behind this background, in order to clarify the theory of cellular immunity advocated by the late Professor Kobayashi of the Department of Microbiology at Keio University, he succeeded his successive professor and has been studying the cells of the reticuloendothelial system (RES), the main body of cellular immunity, especially liver macrophages. As a result, he found that active oxygen, especially O2-, was a major factor in the bacteriostatic mechanism of intracellular bacterial taken up in microphages.

Article:Ph.D. Thesis「常在菌叢による宿主反応性の修飾」
Japanese Journal of Medical Mycology「The effect of cortisone acetate in the mice with a monoflora of Candida albicans」
The Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases「無菌動物の取扱い方-(1)(2)」 etc…

Personal History

1997~Now Team Food Medical / Team Leader
1988 Lecturer, department of Microbiology, Tokai University School of Medicine.
1984 Ph.D in Medicine, Keio University School of Medicine.
1975 Committed to the research and development of hepatitis treatment drugs.
1971 Study abroad at the University of Notre Dame by Japan-US medical cooperation.
1965 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, Azabu University.