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Why you need H2

H2 produced in the body alone is not enough.

In our surroundings, useful things and high-performance technologies have rapidly increased, and in recent decades the social environment has changed dramatically. At the same time, the cause of Reactive Oxygen Species(ROS) generation in the body has also increased considerably compared to the past.
Molecular hydrogen is made by intestinal bacteria, but it may not be enough for some people for the past few years.
Most of the ROS is removed by the action of antioxidant enzymes originally owned by humans such as Superoxide Dismutase(SOD). However, in modern society, it is impossible to completely remove ROS using only these substances.

What is reactive oxygen species?

Reasons for generating ROS are roughly classified into two types. One is “ROS from immunity”, which occurs when immunity kills bacteria invading from outside or when processing foreign matter such as food additives and exhaust gas. It works to protect the body. Secondly,  the “Ischemia” occurs when blood flow is reduced or stopped. “Reperfusion” is the restoration of blood flow after having been blocked.
When reperfusion happens, Reactive Oxygen Species(ROS) are generated a lot and they damage your cells.
Since these ROS is substances with strong reactivity, it is said that when ROS is generated, it damages DNA, cell membranes, fat, etc in the cell. The function of active oxygen is the defense reaction of the living body, occurring in all human bodies. Depending on the amount of ROS generated, it is related to various disease states such as cancer, neurological diseases, diabetes and obesity.

Causes of active oxygen generation.

➀ROS from immunity

・Environmental Pollution – Exhaust fumes, Ultraviolet rays, Radiation, Water pollution
・Foreign substances – Agrochemical, Food additives,
・Living environment – Bacteria, Formaldehyde
・Electromagnetic Wave / Stress – PC, Cell phone, TV, Hot carpet


The “Ischemia” occurs when blood flow is reduced or stopped. “Reperfusion” is the restoration of blood flow after having been blocked. When reperfusion happens, ROS are generated a lot and they damage your cells.

Taking a familiar example・・・
When you suddenly stand up after riding on an airplane or driving for a long time, you will feel dizzy (it is called economy syndrome). This is the ischemia reperfusion. As other cause of ischemia-reperfusion, stiff shoulder due to work strain, sitting in the same position for a long time to study, PC and video game, or stopping the blood flow at the time of the surgery.

What is Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the smallest substance and exist a lot on earth. Most of the hydrogen on the earth exists stably as a compound like water (H2O), but it never exists as a single. Hydrogen is the smallest substance that why allows it to easily enter the body and cells. Hydrogen is a powerful and effective that has attracted attention as an indispensable thing for maintaining the health of modern people.

Hydrogen removes ROS
Since the publication of a paper (※) that molecular hydrogen can be medically applied to the UK scientific journal “Nature Medicine” in 2007, moves to use molecular hydrogen for medical treatment and industries actively Research and development has been promoted all over the world. Hydrogen has the effect of reducing and detoxifying ROS such as “hydroxy radical”, and it has antioxidant action. From February 2017, the world ‘s first large-scale clinical trial started mainly at Keio University Hospital.


(※)References: Ikuroh Ohsawa ,et al. Nature Medicine 13, 688–694 (1 June 2007) Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals

How Small Is Molecular Hydrogen?

Molecular hydrogen dissolved in hydrogen water and hydrogen absorbed by the hydrogen inhaler are molecular hydrogen. Molecular hydrogen is gaseous hydrogen.
Comparing the molecular weight of this molecular hydrogen with that of other antioxidants, we can see that it is considerably smaller than vitamin C.
Comparing the size of human cells with that hydrogen atom, you can see why hydrogen can spread to the body.