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High Concentration H2 water cooler

1.6ppm is the limit of dissolving H2 in water without pressure,
but with our technology, it can make over 4.1ppm hydrogen water.

We have developed “High Concentration Hydrogen Water Kit” which can make the hydrogen water of maximum dissolved H2 concentration 4.1ppm in water cooler industry No. 1.

The patented “Hydrogen Gas Dissolution Method” is used, hydrogen gas (H2) dissolves in water in the state of nanobubbles, and keeps high concentration for a long time.

We began selling hydrogen water cooler from 2014 and have sold more than 30,000 products in total. Many customers have received the voice of pleasure after use.

What is the different from other?

 Maximum dissolved H2 concentration 4.1ppm

This hydrogen water cooler enables hydrogen dissolved amount of up to 4.1 ppm by “Hydrogen Gas Dissolution Method” which extracts molecule hydrogen (H2) from water of water cooler and dissolves H2 in water at nano bubble(Tested of the H2 concentration by Nagano Prefecture Pharmaceutical Association). The electrode for electrolysis is dedicated to the generation of H2 gas, it means it does not touch the drinking water directly, so the electrode does not dissolve in the water. Also, since only H2 gas is dissolved in it, pH is not changed.

 Fresh hydrogen water at any time

This hydrogen water cooler is programmed to make rich hydrogen water every hour. You can enjoy high concentration hydrogen water at any time when you want to drink the amount you want to drink without having to prepare in advance.

 200 million nanobubbles of hydrogen gas present

For water to be used in the hydrogen water cooler, the spring water of Nagano Prefecture Northern Alps is the source water “ALPINA”, and the groundwater of Hawaii Oahu is the source water “Pure Hawaiian Water” can be chosen. Both are safe and secure born of thoroughly filtering top quality natural water, delicious water = pure water.
The “deliciousness” of water is much different from general household generators that use tap water.
This water uses carefully selected raw water and there is “tasty” of water which can not be compared with general water cooler which uses tap water