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The Basic Of The Immune System

What is our immune system?

Our immune system is a body mechanism that helps to protect our body from viruses, harmful bacteria and similar pathogens.

The human immune system has two types of functions, humoral immunity and cellular immunity. Especially, cellular immunity has neutrophils and macrophages. Therefore, a healthy body cannot be maintained without both neutrophils and macrophages.

[Immune Cells (granulocytes) preying on Escherichia coli(E-Coli) taken in 1986: Photographed by Nobuhiko Onishi]
The immune system’s mechanism

When pathogens enter parenterally, fixed Macrophages are the first to detect and respond. They (Macrophages) are located everywhere, including the skin, liver, lungs, spleen, and brain, and additionaly there are different types that reside within particular body tissue without circulating through to treat invading pathogens.

Upon detecting the invasion of the pathogens, the macrophages immediately phagocytose (disinfect→digest→absorb) and report this information to T-lymphocytes. When notified, T-lymphocytes release chemicals. This chemical mediator turns macrophages into active macrophages.
If this active macrophage can be given a disease-specific antibody in advance, it improves the body’s response to similar pathogens and helps reduce the reoccurence of disease. This is considered the essential feature of cellular immunity.

In response to virus entry, fixed macrophages reach their peak in activity within hours. When the symptoms of chills and fever appear at the beginning of a cold, to mitigate the symptoms and reduce the illness duration, bedrest, and take a protein-rich meal (milk, beef, eggs, squid, soy milk, etc.) and a food rich in minerals (seaweed, kelp, matcha, sesame, moloheiya, garlic, etc.) and sleep are most important things.

What boosts immunity?

You may often hear “Let’s boost your immune system!” on TV and in magazines. Do you know how to do it and why it’s necessary?
The immune system devours pathogens and protects our bodies. There are conditions for this defense system to work in it’s peak condition. To be precise; nutrients (minerals, microminerals, vitamins and proteins) from your regular diet. If you do not have consume a balanced diet, your immune defense system will not work effectively. In the end, just as humans cannot sprint 100M on an empty stomach, your immune system cannot protect your body with 100% power when the body is undernourished.
In a future article, we will discuss nutritional balance and how you would ideally consume those nutrients.