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High-performance, high-quality h2 inhaler
that Doctors & research institutes have been waiting for.

H2 inhalation treatment certified as advanced medical treatment in Japan

Equipped with an interval inhalation function that was found to be highly effective in research presentations, enabling continuous inhalation for 12 hours.※1
Generates 300mL of high-purity 99.99% over H2 per minutes

Mixed inhalation of pure O2 is also possible※2

Products that can be used in ordinary households with an emphasis on cost performance.
It will be on sale from around July.

※1 In the interval mode, H2 is generated for 45 minutes and stopped for 30 minutes. This operation will continue for 12 hours.
※2 O2 s mixed outside this product, so it is highly safe.

Product Specifications

H2 Gas FlowMax 300mL±5% per minute
H2 generation methodPEM technology
H2 Purity99.99%以上(excluding water)
Timer setting2hours/4hours/8hours/Interval mode
Voltage/FrequencyAC100~240V 50/60Hz
Power consumptionMax 165W
Weight6kg(excluding water)
CartridgeDeionizer filter
(change once every 500hours or 6 months)
Water Purity RequirementsDistilled water (<1µS/cm / >1MΩ-cm)
※Specifications are subject to change without notice due to product improvements.

If you supply 500mL of water at a time, you can operate for about 60 hours! It is easy because the number of troublesome water supply work is small.

A tough inhaler suitable for medical institutions and salons

  • Actual life of 4000 hours by using purified water and deionizer filter
  • 2 hours / 4 hours / 8 hours / interval mode time can be selected per minute
  • Appearance for medical use, finished with a clean and stylish look

You can inhale while relaxing by turning off the lamp

Since all the lamps can be turned off at bedtime, you can inhale while relaxing with the sound of gas popping.

You can check the gas generation directly from the small window on the front of the main unit. It features a calm green lamp.

The amount of H2 can be changed according to age

You can choose from 3 types of 100mL / 200mL / 300mL!
The amount of breathing varies from person to person. You can adjust the amount of hydrogen gas according to your breathing volume.

You can also inhale pure oxygen at the same time!
2 can be inhaled at the same time as H2 is inhaled. Since H2 and O2 are mixed outside the product, it can be used safely.