Professional for Hydrogen
WORK HOUR:10:00~18:00

Maintenance Business

Maintenance of hydrogen generator, etc.

The maintenance of hydrogen related products such as hydrogen water server, hydrogen generator, hydrogen inhaler, etc. will be performed by our trained maintenance members.


Trouble with hydrogen product maintenance

We mainly handle hydrogen-related products using PEM electrolytic cells. Depending on the product, it is said that it is difficult to process more than 50 parts separately, clean and sterilize each one, and to check the operation of electronic components using a PEM type. We make use of our experience and have a management system in place.


Do you understand hydrogen products well?

The aging speed of the hydrogen generator changes depending on the pure water used and the usage environment. Long-term know-how and experience are important for proper announcements and repairs to customers. Originally, hydrogen generators used in research laboratories have been manufactured for general households, and their performance and functions have improved year by year. However, if correct announcements on how to use the equipment have not been made, it leads to the cause of trouble.



High quality water is generated using water purifier and pure water generators and used during maintenance. Pure water from which ionic substances have been removed is used as water for the PEM electrolytic cell. We are fully equipped with equipment for ozone sterilization. In addition, a forklift is available, and palletized cargo can be loaded and unloaded.