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Double Structure Container System



Double Structure Container System

JP5789907B2 Title of invention “Airtight container for hydrogen gas”


To keep the hydrogen concentration by continue to replenish hydrogen

It can keep the high concentration of hydrogen water by continue to replenish hydrogen which is reduced step by step.
It overturns the past common sense that it is difficult to keep dissolved hydrogen.


What is the double structure container?

It is innovative system of a double structure container containing interior (made of special film) containing content in the exterior (made of aluminum) filled with hydrogen gas(H2). H2 charged in the exterior(aluminum) passes through the interior(special film) by the weight of water, and H2 permeates into the content. Therefore we can fill an optimum amount of H2 to keep dissolved hydrogen(DH) for a long time by calculating how much H2 escape from the faucet.

Structure of H2-containing container Cross-section of H2-containing container
Features of the double structure container
number1 The world’s first idea! New technology to keep refilling hydrogen

Hydrogen has a very small molecular weight so far it has been difficult to keep it for a long time in drinks, cosmetics, etc.
Although it was difficult, with the new technology of this time, it is possible to provide a stable hydrogenated beverage by using double structure exterior and interior.

number2 Just change the container to make existing products to hydrogen-containing products

Prior investment such as introduction of new equipment was necessary for the production of hydrogenated products, but preliminary capital investment is unnecessary for this hydrogen package. Just by changing the container you which are using currently to a package for double structure, you can start the business of hydrogen-containing products immediately.

number3 Adjustable residual amount of hydrogen according to arbitrary period

The amount of hydrogen charged can be adjusted so that hydrogen will remain for 3 years, which is the original quality retention term when cosmetics are hydrogen-containing.

number4 Hydrogen-containing beverage, food etc. Applications are infinite

It can be applied to various products regardless of beverages, cosmetics, foods, etc. as long as it can be filled in containers. For example, filling a beverage to be used in a salon etc., the completion of the original hydrogen cosmetic drink!
From within the body to the outside, internal and external hydrogen beauty comes true.


test Even after 10 months of manufacture, the measurement shows that it can maintaining hydrogen dissolved concentration and low potential.

test result

*1~3 According to Japan Food Research Laboratories.
*2 Converted value using standard hydrogen electrode as reference electrode.
*3 Measured ORP value using Ag/AgCl with 3.33 mol/L KCl as the reference electrode.
*4 Our measurement


Hydrogen processing technology is also attention by Medical Dr.

“More than 300 papers are published worldwide on various advantages of hydrogen. We are in a position to prove those research results from now. The double structure container system is very good as a method of ingesting
hydrogen because it can easily take high concentration hydrogen into the body.”

HATAGAYA SAKAE ORTHPEDICS CLINIC Hospital director Dr. Haruto Sakae


〈Application examples〉

 Hydrogen+Beverages Hydrogen+Soy Sauce