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Development Product Introduction

Fresh hydrogen rich water BIB 10L

Dissolve hydrogen gas in vanadium-rich Fuji natural water


Fresh hydrogen rich water BIB 10L

“Fresh hydrogen rich water” was hydrogen water that was sold before the development of the High Concentration H2 water cooler. At the time in 2012, although the popularity of hydrogen water was very low, the public’s awareness of hydrogen water was not universal. I hope to help customers maintain their health as much as possible, the idea that we developed this product. At that time, there were other large-scale machines on the market, such as the use of gas storage tanks, or aluminum foil bags of hydrogen that would lose hydrogen over time.


Maintain hydrogen gas concentration for 6 months

 Cross-section view of double structure container
As a result of dissolving hydrogen in natural water, hydrogen dissolved concentration is 1.5ppm the redox potential (ORP) value is -580mV, ※1 which can be maintained for 6 months.
Even with hydrogen water in an aluminum pouch, it is difficult to maintain the hydrogen concentration for a long time because hydrogen gas gradually escapes from the plastic at the faucet. However, fresh hydrogen rich water is a product using a patented technology that can always maintain a high concentration of hydrogen water by replenishing decreasing hydrogen.
※Analysis results of Japan Food Analysis Center

Good quality water for safe drinking

100% of Fujikawaguchiko and Naruto-mura are used, and it is considered to be the best natural water in Japan. Vanadium is rich in 130μg/L .
No radioactive cesium is detected, so you can enjoy delicious water with peace of mind.

Use of patented technology

This hydrogen rich water utilizes patented technology by ” Double structure container system ”, hydrogen was dissolved in water.
Hydrogen having the smallest molecular weight, even if it is placed in an aluminum container that is said to have difficulty in escaping from hydrogen, if the faucet is made of plastic, hydrogen gas will escape from there. “Fresh hydrogen rich water” is calculated in advance of the amount of hydrogen gas that will escape from the faucet, and replenishes this amount into a double structured container, so that it can hold hydrogen for a long time.