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Notice of renewal of “Catalyzer 850” was born from immunological research

Hikari Mirai Inc. will start selling “Catalyzer 850 Supplement” that positively supports the health maintenance and daily life of busy modern people in late April.

The product concept has not changed, and the main ingredients have been increased to improve quality and the design has been renewed. But the price does not change.


■Origin of product name
Marine Hydro Mineral® (atomic hydrogen containing minerals) are Hikari Mirai’s original raw materials and are manufactured by a unique manufacturing method. It contains a natural vanadium catalyst. The oxidation-reduction potential of tap water is about +600 mV, and when the marine hydro mineral is added, it reduces to -250 mV in about 3 seconds, so the difference of 850 mV was used for the product name.

■Product features
・25% increase in atomic hydrogen containing minerals.
・53% increase in Cordyceps and Reishi.
・Change to a portable aluminum bag.
・Manufactured at a GMP-certified factory in Japan that is a “safe” food supplement that thoroughly implements quality and hygiene management.
・The amount of filler (denxtrin) has been reduced to the limit.