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Bath additive “Sugar Bath Salt”

Hikari Mirai began selling the new product additive “Sugar Bath Salt” in January 2019.

It is a bath additive made from natural minerals plenty of rock salt and sea salt, and moisture-proofing brown sugar from Okinawa prefecture, it is 100% natural so it is healthy for your skin. The fragrance of the hot spring spreading in the bathtub and the mineral ingredients contained in the natural salt slowly unravel the bodies stiffened by the daily stress.


Sugar Bath Salt is a highly antioxidant product that instantaneously removes residual chlorine which causes skin drying and barrier function deterioration contained in tap water. When this product is put in a bath, the oxidation-reduction potential drops to -200 mV, and it becomes reducing hot water. It becomes a bathtub with high antioxidant power, it suppresses oxidation of the skin and protects the skin from the skin stress.

Recommend to the following people.

  • Who can not get tired
  • Who want to get superb skin
  • Who like hot springs
  • Who like natural products
  • Who want to raise immunity
  • Who would like to delay the aging of your skin
  • Who care about residual chlorine