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”Cellvege” was introduced by NACK5

November 15, 2018 In the broadcast of the popular FM radio station 79.5 (NACK 5), “Cellvege (vegetables, seaweed, mashrooms powder)” was introduced.
Mr. Aloha Personality Mr. Taro Aroha introduced “Good Luck! Morning” program and personality of Mr. Osamu Kuroda’s “Sunset HEADLINE” program.

“New type of nutritional deficiencies” is now a problem for many people. A new type of nutritional deficiency means that people who often eat out, eat fast food meals, are in a state which the necessary nutrition is not enough due to the bad combination what eat.
Modern diet tends to lack minerals and vitamins, although protein, fat and carbohydrate three major nutrients are enough. Among them, special attention should be paid to the lack of minerals.

Minerals can not be made in the body, so you need to take it properly with your daily diet.
If the minerals are insufficient, it is frightening that it causes anemia, chronic physical disorder, dizziness, metabolism is bad, fat becomes easy, skin roughness, and even lifestyle related diseases are caused.

All-in-one phytonutrient supplement “Cellvege” has been studying for many years to protect the health of modern people by a doctor of researchers group “Food Doctor”. It was developed to solve the daily nutritional deficiency.
It is a powdered supplement using 100% of carefully selected natural ingredients including natural essential minerals, dietary fiber, yeasts, amino acids, vitamins, folic acids, antioxidants.
It is an excellent one that supports health maintenance by eliminating anxiety of nutritional deficiency by addingit on every day’s meal!